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Sands and Aggregates

Collette : The Most Extensive Expertise in Sand Supply

Guaranteed Quality and Variety

With its three extraction sites, Collette is the authority in sand supply in Quebec. We offer the best products on the market, at competitive prices. Our sands and materials are regularly lab tested to maintain a consistent quality certification.

High-Quality Sands and Sand Blends

Categories and Applications

Our sand blends made from reclaimed materials guarantee value-added products that meet the highest industry standards.

Some of our products at your disposal:

SM-MG-112 Meeting the MTQ’s CCDG standards and requirements
MG-112 For road and parking lot subbase (exclusively supplied by Collette)
CG-14 For pipe cushion and coating
CG-20C Type of compaction sand
Type B Sand Backfill

The Materials You Need

A Variety of Products for Your Construction Projects

We offer a wide range of materials to suit your needs:

  • Class B sand for filling/backfilling
  • Building sand
  • Swimming pool sand
  • Sieved soil

Ask our team of professionals for more information on product constituents and applications

The Quality of Our Products

Providing You With the Best

Rigorously monitored during production, our manufactured sands adapted to your construction needs always meet the BNQ 2560-114-I/2002 standard.